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When a woman is impregnated from anal sex.
Not only is the child a mistake, but its a dirty mistake.
Bob you are totally a turd baby.
by Andyscoolsn August 29, 2005
Refers to a person who was not born vaginally, but was actually pooped out. A general cuss word that can insult both the person and his/her mother.
"Hey Turdbaby! Wipe the feces off your face and get me a Coke (or Pepsi)."
by dickinsonnd July 16, 2009
A baby born out of anal sex. This is where lawyers come from.
Bob1: I was at the law school yesterday watching the new lawyers graduate. What a bunch of jerks.
Bob2: Their mothers are all anal sex addicts. That's how you get a Turd Baby.
by Martymo June 15, 2013

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