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(n) An individual, typically male, who takes a disproportionate, erotic interest in mildly titillating content (e.g. an attractive girl's face, any amount of cleavage, or a photograph showing side boob). It is assumed that this is because the individual lacks sexual experience, thus rendering that content new and exciting. Perpetual horniness is also a common turbovirgin trait.
Dude, calm down and stop being a turbovirgin. It's cleavage, not a striptease.
by mcsquiggedy July 31, 2010
A turbovirgn (sometimes shortened to "turbo" or even "tv") is a guy who is not only a virgin but also has never had any intimate contact of any variety with somebody of the opposite gender. Typically this term is only used to describe those who have reached an age where this is abnormal. This concept is related to but not exactly the same as an "involuntary celibacy". Turbovirgins often are bitter about their experience and might manifest strange social quirks in addition to low-self esteem and depression.
Joe is such a turbovirgin, he's 27 years old and never even kissed a girl.
by LUEser40001 July 30, 2013