Rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. The son of a Black Panther, Tupac has gone down in history for his role in shaping hip-hop. A true noble poet, Tupac will be remembered for ever. Often hated in life he payed the price in September 96. Whoever did it; police, bloods, crips or Orlando Anderson, they will live to regret what they did.

RIP Tupac Shakur, a true influence,
Tupac was a key member of 1990s Westcoast hip-hop.
by damakles June 12, 2005
One of the biggest legends to ever be on this world. He told his story and shared it with everyone, he recgonised his mistakes and wasnt afraid to learn from them. he was a true thug. But that didnt stop him from sucseeding he did what he needed to do. One of the best rappest alive. rest in peace.
rest in peace tupac shakur.
by hfasfudf :) June 03, 2010
A rather well rounded and lyrical rap artist. Believe it or not, influences a good portion of the rap and pop industry. If you're a rap or pop artist now and actually have talent, then I guarantee you listened to Tupac. If he was still alive, artists like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent would be floor moppers, Death Row would still be around, and rap would still be "Rhythm and Poetry," not "Retards Attempting Poetry."
Got a body full of bullet holes layin here naked

Still I, can't breathe, somethings evil in my IV

Cause everytime I breathe, I think they killin me

I'm having nightmares, homicidal fantansies

I wake up stranglin, danglin my bed sheets

I call the nurse cause it hurts, to reminisce

How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss

Somebody help me, tell me where to go from here

Cause even Thugs cry, but do the Lord care?

Try to remember, but it hurts

I'm walkin through the cemetary talkin to the, dirt

I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward

There's a ghetto up in Heaven and it's ours, Black Power

is what we scream as we dream in a paranoid state

And our fate, is a lifetime of hate

Dear Mama, can you save me? And fuck peace

Cause the streets got our babies, we gotta eat

No more hesitation each and every black male's trapped

And they wonder why we suicidal runnin round strapped

-Tupac Shakur, Only God Can Judge Me
by IAmRonPaul November 05, 2013
The Greatest Of All Time, He was the best rapper ever, not only was he a great rapper he was a poet and a great actor. This man sold millions of records world wide. Sadly Tupac was shot on Sept. 7, 1996 then later died 7 dayz on Sept 13, 1996.
RIP Tupac Shakur, The leader of this rap shit
by AC November 15, 2003
dead rapper made movies had beef HOLLA AT WHO>
whatcha like ado about nuttin
by i hate you too December 05, 2003
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