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Possibly the best rapper to have ever released a single. His lyrics are so moving and realistic, his songs are just so thrilling to listen too and he's a very passionate and loving person. If you don't like him then get a muh'fuckin life hataz. He's a great person and is the best hip-hop start of all time. Only God can judge him biiatch! Rest in peace Tupac. U tha best nigga..
Only God Can Judge Such A Great Man A.K.A. Tupac Shakur
by bad boi daz August 14, 2006
36 10
The Greatest Rapper Of All Time & He Is Not Dead 2Pac Will Be Back When All Hope Is Losted The 7Day Theory
by 2Pac 4Eva September 23, 2003
39 18
A Great Late actor/rapper shot dead in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting, releasing many albums posthumously, his suspicious tragic death is of great concern and nearly ten years later the homicide has remained unsolved.
RIP Tupac Shakur 1971-1996
by Predeckis May 26, 2006
28 8
Twopawc - the man could rap, he could come up with lyrics as fast as u could piss in tha grass, respect this man, he could write hella betta songs than any of u mothafucka's that think he's shit u punkass, BadBoy Wanna B's
HAHA Exit Tupac Enter Makaveli
by Just Another Fan October 22, 2003
38 18
THE greatest rapper of all time.
Known for the greatness of his delivery, flow and stories.
Always something to say from his heart.
His music was his life.
Tupac Shakur was the greatest. Period
by JIMMYT603 August 15, 2007
33 16
The greatest rapper ever Bitch and he's still alive. You gotta believe in Makaveli & da 7 day theory Bitch.
Tupac Shakur is the greatest rapper ever.
by J April 07, 2004
79 63
the greatest rappa of all times as well as biggie and yall kno it. sadly he has passed away and yes he has theres loadsa proof so believe it!!! anyway he was a really good poet song rita, rappa, actor, role model, father and especially a gd man. im so sorry afeni 4 the los of ur solder iv mentiond this b4 in anuva example but ill mention it agen he is not alive wer the hell do u people get this bull from hes passed away noew live wid it i am 2pacs greatest fan eva r.i.p baby. respect!!!!
i lov this man soooooooo much respect him hes a thug 4 life.
by carrie (mon and zush and co.) December 23, 2004
27 15