'A tupac' Someone who keeps making money without any action- ie. like the dead rapper Tupac, who has released too many 'previously unheard' tracks and albums to count
He's lucky to be such a tupac
by Rine November 30, 2003
to be blunt, maybe the gayest person ever, claims to be soft and gentle caring etc (see the paradox here) which may well be true, but runnin round with a gun "poppin caps" is a bad way to back that up. anyone that believes this lesbian is gentle has bout as many brain cells as tupac had balls...his death, although it was a tragedy was to be expected when u use a gun like it supplies u oxygen, anyone that uses a gun in sucha way is a twat and deserves to be caged like the animal they r...
tupac was a dumass that used to think shooting people solved problems and sumhow gave him a rep of bein soft.....
by fatlezza March 26, 2007
Best rapper ever? Beautiful soul? Best person ever? Completely without comparison?


If you pay attention, you'll notice several of his techniques that have gained him the most acclaim are "borrowed" straight from Chuck D of Public Enemy.

So, please, stop riding his dick so much. Yeah, he was a pretty good rapper, but just cause he died doesn't mean he's Jesus.
Tupac Shakur is the most overrated rapper ever.
by Zodiac Digital October 13, 2005
Look We All Dont Know Tupac Yet Everyone Thinks They Do, The Guy Never Did Gansta Rap So Stop Saying He Did, He Was Not HipHop, 50 Cent Is HipHop, Tupac Is Not He Was Just Rap He Operated On A Poetic Structure (Gansta Rap and HipHop Was Not Him). The Guy Was A Genius And I Glad He Used His Name Tupac Insted Of His Real Government Name Lesane Parish Crooks Or His Other Alias MC New York. He May Of Faked His Death May Not, A Lot Points To Him Being Alive, But Dont Forget Tupac Was Owed 9Million Dollers By Death Row Hense Why He Was Leaving And The Album Where Tupac Is Hang On Cross Like Jesus Was Made By Death Row, Maybe To Fool You all Into Thinking He Really Alive. And If He Is Alive Would Tupac Really Kill His Half Brother Yafeu "Kadafi" Fula Because He Said He Can Point Out The Gunmen That Night Tupac Was Shoot, I Dont Think So, Suge Knight Is A Cunt, He Paid Someone To Go After Dre FFS, Plus Suge Tried To Sign 50 Cent Away From Eminem At The Video Shoot Of UP In Da Club.
Just Read What I wrote
by WhyTheFuckDoYouNeedToKnowMyName February 24, 2005
Biggest piece of shit ever... a warrior? the Malcom X of our generation Do not believe such nonsense, tupac is a stupid fucking nigger that sang some shitty music.
This morning i woke up and had to take a huge tupac....It smelt really bad.
by Tell_the_truth August 22, 2006
Was or still is a sexy ass rapper ummm
Tupac looked good with his bald headed ass!!
by WhoRU June 11, 2004
Rapper who "died" In 1996
He is alive check
Dont believe the hype! He is alive and well. He talket to Reporters on the fifth of april 2005.
by The BIZ April 30, 2005

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