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To get shot nine times.
After being shot 9 times Bill said, "Damnit I got Tupac'd"
by bill January 12, 2004
The first name of Tupac Shakur, a rapper many refer to as "'Pac" as if he was an old friend of the family. Dead, though many feel clever saying that he isn't, and a common preference for posers who want somebody to anme as their favorite rapper that nobody can argue with.
Poser: Yo man, 'Pac is alive, man, he's still the greatest rapper alive. Word.

Real Hip-hop Fan: Shut up, he is dead, and he wasn't that much better than Big Punisher, if he was at all.
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
i'm not racist but I think rapers should get rid of their gimp stereotypes like gangsters and thug life and all that detritus
by bling May 05, 2005
An infuential rapper whos more famous in death than in life. With one exception, HE ISN'T DEAD. We all know your alive Pac, you can come back now.
Please come back
by Nik The Prick May 17, 2003
Tupac Amaru Shakur; a sing-talk minstrel performer of Congoid-African decent. Shakur became a wealthy and successful capitalist late in his short life. Of note, he shares his name with an 18th century revolutionary of South America who fought against Spanish colonialist control in an area never populated by African slaves. Ironically, even though Shakur is now dead as the result of gangland depravity, his name is still in use amongst a Peruvian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist jungle-guerrilla insurgency cell who adopted the name from the same source.
To confound matters more, Shakur's fortune was earned by way of mass-distribution through capitalist free market expression of audio recordings documenting the nether-world of urban blight commingled with the futile experience of growing up male in a matriarchal breeding experiment of which the sole purpose was to disengage the father as provider and custodian of the family while installing in his place the apparatus of Marxist-Leninist economic servility now known as the nanny-state.
Although remaining quite obtuse and to the point very much detached from the above definition throughout the entirety of his life, Tupac held to one belief above all:
The shibboleth-cum-acronym for: "The Humiliatingly Uneducated Ghetto-Snipe Languishes In Fatuous Exertion". Although syntactically ill-formed, this rallying cry saw to it that yet another generation of dissipated and deracinated congoidal-youth would fall prey to the state sanctioned drop out culture so prevalent in the late 20th-early 21st centuries.
"Who shot Tupac?" "Yo- Who did'nt shoot Tupac"
by rod handler January 05, 2004
by vexy December 10, 2008
thug assed rapper who totally set himself up to be shot by acting arrogant and ganster. people think hes god because hes so thug that he got shot. if he was so smart then maybe he wouldn't piss so many people off.
Tupac: "Fuck you niggas!! I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYONE!"


Tupac: "Shit now I am going to die. Shouldn't be so loud and arrogant, oh well, THUG 4 LIFE BITCH!"
by Biggie Balls July 14, 2006