A wack ass nigga who can't rap for shit. You can't compare him to lil wayne or 50 cent they are way better than Tupac. He has bad flow and raps about gay shit, mostly ignorant people listen to his music. GET A LIFE good thing he is dead. He is trash.
Idiot 1: I love TUPAC he is such a good artist!
Guy: Stop dick riding! HE SUCKS
by thatguywhoOWNS June 11, 2009
Believed by many to be one of the greatest people in the world. This is utter faggotry. He is the worst and probably always ever will be the worst musician of all time.

He excessively bitched about his world, like a faggot would, and thus making money off of his bitchy songs which were totally undeserved. Many retards believe that he is alive, which he is not, their just life-less nobodies awho can only pretend to hold a gun and make gang signs but when it comes to the actual things they see that they are are true fucktards.

Tupac was shot in 1996, a happy event for those who had common sense. We could finally say "DING-DONG! THE BITCH IS DEAD, THE BITCH IS DEAD!" He never made a hard earned cent in his life-time without whining like a total bitch to get it.

He has many devoted followers who live, breathe, act, think, speak, Tupac. They are fuckheads who can't even find their way out of a paper bag, like Tupac.

Their needs to be a genocide of Tupac devotees or a massive extincition of them.
All of Tupac's work needs to be burned by the sensible people who don't bitch about the world.
1)Man that faggot Tupac is such a bitch!
2) Man that faggot is such a Tupac.
by EmperorZenos May 28, 2008
A man who somehow has pattens on every word ending in the letter "Y" or sounding like it ends in the letter "Y".
Penetentiaries is packed with promise makers

Ride on our enemies

Hail Mary run quick see
by Kadafi February 02, 2005
A word used to decribe a person who is the rap king of today just like Tupac the best rapper in history.
Yo man check that guy out hes so Tupac
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
verb "to tupac"

For an artist, usually musician, to amass a wealth of unreleased material that is mined after the artist's death, creating the impression that the artist is still alive.

Alternates: "biggie"

Antonyms: "
Man, I sure hope Michael Jackson tupac'd a few album's worth, otherwise his kids will be broke as fuck.
by karobit June 28, 2009
a rapper who wished he was as baller as the notorious b.i.g.
"all i want is bitches, big booty bitches, used to sell crack so i could stack my riches, now i pack gats to stop all the snitches from stayin in my business, what is this, relentless?" - biggie smalls

tupac never wrote anything that could touch on biggies rhymes.
by trunkman51 September 06, 2008
Another dead teen idol. Having been killed by some "gangstas" in a senseless shooting, he has now sold far more gangsta rap records after his death than when he was still alive. Admired and worshipped by teenage music fans. Cf. Kurt Cobain, Aaliyah and other, less recent cases.
"Yo, Tupac was the greatest rapper of all times."
by dipsy oh-oh January 19, 2004

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