a great, although highly overrated, rapper who started off as a back up dancer for digital underground. he then jumped on the west coast's gangsta rap bandwagon, and began claiming that he didn't like new york, even though that's where he was born and his first rapping name was "mc new york."
he died in 1996.
tupac had many classics, but is idolized by dick riders.
by freakynetizen January 17, 2007
Tupac is the equvialent to Jesus himself as far as an impact on the world goes...he set the standards for all rappers even tho Ice-T is the original father of gangsta rap tupac sorta set it in stone. upon his murder another Diana occured...people immediatley began thinking he was'nt dead or he was murdered by the F.B.I. or something like that but im rambling.2pac's words and actions may or may not have affected the world more than Jesus. even my mother who hates rap admits 2pac was the Barthlolomew Roberts of the nineties. some go as far as calling him the god of rap but he was all that and more...he was a poet who like jesus told everybody to be nice (thuggin) to eachother and was crucified by the press and public and was finally killed by some jerk in the employ of biggie smalls. R.I.P 2pac.
some teacher: Tupac corrupted the minds of millions. he is BAD!

me: WRONGO! 2pac RULZ!!1
by yung leggo'z March 07, 2008
undefiable black genious, who is STILL ALIVE TODAY! even though the seven day theory didnt go as planned, hes still alive. ya'll know it. hes just thuggin it out, without the fame.
"expect me, like you expect jesus to come back, expect me nigga, im comin" - Tupac Shakur
by itsallhood March 09, 2005
the best ever rapper who faked his death
yo man tupac amaru shakur is da man
by harry longsdale October 18, 2003
Diseased African-American rapper of the 1990's whom homosexual ex-convict Damon (played by Terry Crews) masturbated to in the film 'Friday after Next'
Damon: "mmmmm.... Tupac, Tupac... Goddamn you fine! Such a GANGSTA NIGGA!"

by lawlz @ April 13, 2008
The most badass rapper to ever live.The best.Eminem looks like a bitch times 909,873,837x better.
"Fuck you eminem.You pussy ass douche,"Tupac said
by Grizzly adams dammit October 23, 2007
Believed by many to be one of the greatest people in the world. This is utter faggotry. He is the worst and probably always ever will be the worst musician of all time.

He excessively bitched about his world, like a faggot would, and thus making money off of his bitchy songs which were totally undeserved. Many retards believe that he is alive, which he is not, their just life-less nobodies awho can only pretend to hold a gun and make gang signs but when it comes to the actual things they see that they are are true fucktards.

Tupac was shot in 1996, a happy event for those who had common sense. We could finally say "DING-DONG! THE BITCH IS DEAD, THE BITCH IS DEAD!" He never made a hard earned cent in his life-time without whining like a total bitch to get it.

He has many devoted followers who live, breathe, act, think, speak, Tupac. They are fuckheads who can't even find their way out of a paper bag, like Tupac.

Their needs to be a genocide of Tupac devotees or a massive extincition of them.
All of Tupac's work needs to be burned by the sensible people who don't bitch about the world.
1)Man that faggot Tupac is such a bitch!
2) Man that faggot is such a Tupac.
by EmperorZenos May 28, 2008

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