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One of the greatest rappers (if not the greatest) of all time. Some of his songs are pure poetry, but the rest is pure bullcrap. He was a deep lyricist but still highly overrated because of what the media tells you and because he died. Sometimes he can bring up meaningful, powerful topics about peace but he contradicts himself by promoting his gangster life, guns, drugs, and hos in his music. Just listen to "Changes" and compare it to "Hit 'em up."

Nevertheless, he was a great rapper/poet and had 100000x more talent in one testicle than Soulja Boy and these other crap rappers put together.

Changes, Dear Mama, Ghetto Gospel, My Block, So Many Tears, Only God Can Judge Me, and Thugz Mansion are some of his best. His managers should quit releasing his afterdeath shit. They're butchering Pac.
White Guy: ayo mane. did u check out fiddy cent's new joint? he done got justin timberlake on his track. i just loooooove n sync. that shit is straight diggidy diggidy DOPE! am i rite ma nigga?

Black Guy: No, you certainly are not. I would much rather listen to Tupac any day, thank you very much. Pip pip cherio. *pow pow pow*
by xWestSide December 11, 2007
the world greatest rapper that has ever walked the earth. "got the police busting at me, but they can't do nothing to a G"
"Thug life baby, i probably be punished for hard living.. police be rushing when they see me." Its a shame that he died yet he is still comin out with the best cds ever writtin.
Tupac is the worlds best rapper "got the police busting at me, but they can't do nothing to a G"
"Thug life baby, i probably be punished for hard living.. police be rushing when they see me."
by Jon Jackson (Lyrical Assasin) August 15, 2005
the best rapper eva to hav stepped onto this world and will always be but unfortunately is sadly gone but will be always remembered byhis true fans RIP TUPAC and i fink its gr8 dat eminem is puttin out songs that 2pac aint completed and spendin his time givin it a beat. they both are the biggest thing to eva happen in the music industry and soz eminem bout jade and ur mama and i hope u hav a gud life and end up as talented and sucessful as pac there will only b one pac im afaid he is the best. r.i.p r.i.p r.i.p at the mo he is lookin down on us and is supportin peeps through there dreams. afeni im sorry for the lost of ur soldier. but jus look 4ward 2 the day yall ar reunited!!! i love tupac....

i lov pac and make sure yall look out 4 loyal 2 the game his new alb produced by mnm (i luv him- zush)
by carrie (mon and zush and co.) November 23, 2004
A great rapper represnting the west coast. TUPAC vs BIGGIE. Made Death Row Records big but I do think he is dead cuz sum1 by now would of seen him...
Tupac came from the gutters and he made it to the top with popularity and raising coastal beef.
by M-dog October 13, 2003
the best rapper eva any1 who disagreez i'll bomb on yo ass but seriosly he was the martin luther of his time an real OG unlike:DRE,JAY-Z,LIL WAYNE e.c.t fuk em all thug life mofuka
lil kid: who was tupac
me: the godfather of rap
lil kid: really?
me: yeah thug life mofuka
by DA ORIGINAL MAFA June 22, 2010
THE greatest rapper ever. He shouldnt be recognized for his rap, but more for his mind. He had a beautiful soul and was a great man at heart. His music wasn't just music, it was a message to the world about what was going on in the world. He rapped on events going on in the world in the most beautiful and poetic way ever and he rapped for what he beleived in. He was one of the greatest role models for african-americans and even whites. You have look at tupac as person and his soul and how he wrote his songs and what they meant. He will NEVER be forgotten and his soul will NEVER die. He'll be my idol/role-model for life and i hope for millions more. *2Pac 4 Life*
One of the deepest rappers and person ever.
The song Changes by tupac is a perfect example.
by Mauro- 2Pac 4 Life March 05, 2006
the greatest rapper ever westside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck badboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tupac is a str8 up g n pdiddy bitch ass set him up
by geeeee February 20, 2008