Tupac is the equvialent to Jesus himself as far as an impact on the world goes...he set the standards for all rappers even tho Ice-T is the original father of gangsta rap tupac sorta set it in stone. upon his murder another Diana occured...people immediatley began thinking he was'nt dead or he was murdered by the F.B.I. or something like that but im rambling.2pac's words and actions may or may not have affected the world more than Jesus. even my mother who hates rap admits 2pac was the Barthlolomew Roberts of the nineties. some go as far as calling him the god of rap but he was all that and more...he was a poet who like jesus told everybody to be nice (thuggin) to eachother and was crucified by the press and public and was finally killed by some jerk in the employ of biggie smalls. R.I.P 2pac.
some teacher: Tupac corrupted the minds of millions. he is BAD!

me: WRONGO! 2pac RULZ!!1
by yung leggo'z March 07, 2008
the best rapper of all time. He wasn't jus a rapper, he was a musician, heroe, husband, son, leader, etc. He impacted America, and maybe the whole world. He came up out of the ghetto, and he became THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME. n dont even start it with the whole BIGGIE is better, i mean PROPS for him n he got MAD SKILLS but Tupac's lyrics is jus better.
If you looked up THE BEST Rapper in the dictionary there would be a picture of Tupac... wait THIS IS A DICTIONARY!
by debby April 11, 2005
Possibly the greatest rapper of all time. He was the man that kept rap in it's purest form, and when he died, it turned to shit.
The death of tupac ended the RAP as it was once known, and then became CRAP.
by fuckitall June 02, 2006
The only rapper to actually ever care about the black community as a whole. As shown in his song "Changes" he wants the blacks to rise up above all the violence and bigotry. Oh, and not to mention he's the greatest rapper of all time who's words give you a great feeling.
"I made a G today"
"Yea but u made it in a sleezy way, selling crack to a kid"
"Hey, I gotta get paid"
by Billy shotgunnnn April 10, 2006
Tupac Amaru Shakur is perhaps the best rapper to ever walk the earth. It is rumored that he is still alive. He did not rap about stupid shit like Lil Wayne does now. He was from several of the most violent cities in America. (Baltimore,L.A.,Brooklyn) But he understood the streets. If you asked ten different people about Tupac you'd get ten different answers. In one song he is rapping about killing, The next song it is all about peace. He died September 16 1996 supposedly. He was born June 16th 1977. Overall he was a great man.
Tupac is the best rapper ever.
by Jonathanx5x5x5x5x5x March 02, 2010
Best rapper to ever live on this earth. Also he was a successful film actor and a prominent social activist. Tupac was hugely successful in his career, as he managed to sell seventy five million albums sold worldwide, including over fifty million in the United States.

Most people liked his music because he was completely real and mostly rapped about his life and how he grew up.

R.I.P. To the greatest rapper of all time
Sean: Who do you think is the best rapper every?

CJ: ahahaa! that was a joke rite?

Sean: Why would it be a joke?

CJ: Because its just obvious its gotta be Tupac

by iAmFresh July 24, 2008
best rapper who ever lived
R.I.P tu pac
fuck biggie
by Thug life February 23, 2005
A hollywood actor/rapper, whose lyrics are taken literally and would have fans believe he is a real thug/gangsta. Got his break in showbusiness by landing a small part in the movie 'Nothing But Trouble' where tupac is a member of the Humpty Dumpty hip pop group. He sings the high notes and dances around in a very non-gangsta manner. Watch the movie if you don't believe me.
Humpty : My name is humpty, watch me do the humpty
Tupac : All around the world.......
by movie critik June 07, 2006

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