Tupac is the equvialent to Jesus himself as far as an impact on the world goes...he set the standards for all rappers even tho Ice-T is the original father of gangsta rap tupac sorta set it in stone. upon his murder another Diana occured...people immediatley began thinking he was'nt dead or he was murdered by the F.B.I. or something like that but im rambling.2pac's words and actions may or may not have affected the world more than Jesus. even my mother who hates rap admits 2pac was the Barthlolomew Roberts of the nineties. some go as far as calling him the god of rap but he was all that and more...he was a poet who like jesus told everybody to be nice (thuggin) to eachother and was crucified by the press and public and was finally killed by some jerk in the employ of biggie smalls. R.I.P 2pac.
some teacher: Tupac corrupted the minds of millions. he is BAD!

me: WRONGO! 2pac RULZ!!1
by yung leggo'z March 07, 2008
Charismatic rapper and actor. Murdered at the age of 25 in Las Vegas in a drive by shooting.

Professor of Communications Murray Forman, of Northeastern University described Tupac as a "prolific artist" who was "driven by a terrible sense of urgency" in a quest to "unify mind, body, and spirit. "

"Ask a rapper with a good image a $1000 or $100; He wouldn't give it to you. Ask Tupac for a $100 or a $1000 and it was his last $1000 Boom! You got it! And that separates him from basically the majority of other people in his field.." Mike Tyson on the heart of Tupac Shakur
by Supportthereallest November 07, 2008
When two of an item are packaged together in a store.
"I'm going to get a tupac of deodorant. Do you want anything?"
by Abe Carroll August 17, 2005
the rapper that spits about life and time in the ghetto
i like tu pac shakur
by pc July 31, 2003
Without doubt, was a talented rapper but since his murder, has become the subject of fanatical worship.

Commonly described as 'the best rapper', 'the best musician', 'one of the greatest people of all time'. His most zealous followers will often become agitated when negative things are said about the subject of their addoration.

Surely it can't be long before a bonafide religion springs up. As with the cult of Elvis, he is rumoured to still be alive.
High priest: May da blessings of Tupac be upon you bitch.
Bitch: Thuglife nigga.

Steve: Tupac is the greatest man ever. He's a beautiful poet, he's an angel.
John: Steady on, he was just a decent rapper.
by thepreacher June 27, 2005
tupac was and still to this day is the biggest rap icon in the world and although he is not with us in the flesh he lives on through his music and lyrics which after nearly a decade still influence people in tha african-american and other calutures lives and actions... so until the day i die i look up to him
tupac is a thug angel
by mC feloney May 10, 2005
The greatest rapper to ever walk the earth, no other rapper could ever become more known and more loved than him, he has more cds and more hits than n e one and all his songs relate to real life situations and have great meanings to them
1. I see no changes, all i see is racist faces, missplaced hate makes disgrace to races
2. We gotta start makin changes learn to see me as a brother steada two distant strangas
by -_-ToRi-_- October 27, 2003
Tupac - The best rapper ever...

Shot by gang members eather setup by SUGE knght ( because he owed tupac million of dollars ) or biggie smalls
Tupac is the da shit man
by Justin B March 24, 2005

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