Tupac is the equvialent to Jesus himself as far as an impact on the world goes...he set the standards for all rappers even tho Ice-T is the original father of gangsta rap tupac sorta set it in stone. upon his murder another Diana occured...people immediatley began thinking he was'nt dead or he was murdered by the F.B.I. or something like that but im rambling.2pac's words and actions may or may not have affected the world more than Jesus. even my mother who hates rap admits 2pac was the Barthlolomew Roberts of the nineties. some go as far as calling him the god of rap but he was all that and more...he was a poet who like jesus told everybody to be nice (thuggin) to eachother and was crucified by the press and public and was finally killed by some jerk in the employ of biggie smalls. R.I.P 2pac.
some teacher: Tupac corrupted the minds of millions. he is BAD!

me: WRONGO! 2pac RULZ!!1
by yung leggo'z March 07, 2008
A rapper who is dead but somehow keeps releasing albums....

he's (tupac) dead, get over it!!!
by matt May 20, 2003
Let's say it mathematically:

Tupac = not dead

It was all a farce. Staged. No one can put out so many albums postmortem. Some disturbed Hollywood producer thought it up after Shakur couldn't take the fame. An actor fired a blank, a blood "pac" was burst, and Tu fell to the ground. Now after all these years he's put on some weight and he lives in Cuba -- where Americans are banned -- and I bet he's on a beach now sipping a crantini.
Tupac's farsical death is up there with Watergate and Lewinsky.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005
A talented rapper, but a few words I have to say:
Dead Men Don't Rap.
tupac shakur IS very talented (was is for dead people)
by fzck November 14, 2003
a dead nigger. Flanders sucks.
tupac is a dead nigger
by White living guy November 19, 2005
tupac waz a da illest next to biggie but on da fuckin realzz
Rest in peace Tupac Shakur
by EASTCOAST February 23, 2005
Possibly the most over rated emcee in the history of hip-hop since Eminem. Tupac gained a following of suburban white kids who always dreamed of being raised in the hood. Tupac's music was fantasy-rap, he was not from the "hood" nor did he "gang-bang". He danced around in tights for Digital Underground at the start of his rap carear. He had a few good poems, but as far as rap goes he was a failure. When it comes to the debate of Biggie and Tupac, Biggie was better. Tupac was a cry baby and a pop star. Not to mention a huge sell-out.
Underground rap sucks dog! My favorite rapper of all time is Tupac. He was sooooo real!. - Raposer
by Rew2 February 18, 2006
Over rated rapper. Just another nigger who liked to rap about "gangs" and crime, although (like many other rappers) he made a few good songs that meant something. He talked to much shit about people in his music which led him to his murder.
poeple like tupac eaither end up in jail, dead or doped up.
by aretgar January 05, 2006

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