The realest to ever live and to ever die, r.i.p and fu k ja rule ya hurr, mock-aveli
2 pac - mega star that spoke the truth and nothin but the truth. realest forever!!!.
by realestni99a4eva April 30, 2005
A hollywood actor/rapper, whose lyrics are taken literally and would have fans believe he is a real thug/gangsta. Got his break in showbusiness by landing a small part in the movie 'Nothing But Trouble' where tupac is a member of the Humpty Dumpty hip pop group. He sings the high notes and dances around in a very non-gangsta manner. Watch the movie if you don't believe me.
Humpty : My name is humpty, watch me do the humpty
Tupac : All around the world.......
by movie critik June 07, 2006
best rapper who ever lived
R.I.P tu pac
fuck biggie
by Thug life February 23, 2005
The Best Rapper to ever live and that will ever live. He spoke the truth and what he wrote was about life. The way people should be treated as equals. Not only was he a inspiring rapper but a great actor and poet as well.
Tupac greatist hits, "both the blacks and whites are smokin crack to night"
by Isaac7196 November 26, 2005
If Hip Hop was a religion,
Tupac would be God.
Friend: Who is the pinnacle of Hip Hop?
Me: Tupac, he is the greatest rapper of all time. If Hip Hop was a religion, he would be god.
by Pakster11 December 08, 2009
Deceased Afro-American rapper who Damon (played by Terry Crews) masturbated to in the film Friday After Next.
Damon: *fapping* "Ohh Tupac... such a Gangster Nigga!"
by goatsemang July 17, 2009
Absolute Baller when it comes to the PC game StarCraft II. Rocks Zerg. Hails from New England, and does well enough among the players there. Will be playing in Korea soon enough. Sexy bitch that looks like Kurt Cobain.
Bro: What's wrong dude? you look a little down.

Nerd: Tupac kicked my ass at StarCraft last night...

Bro: That fag from the LAN center that looks like Kurt Cobain? Whatever man you'll get him next time.

Nerd: No i Effing won't, he's good enough to play in korea. and he's not a fag he's wicked hot. :(
by futuristichandgun June 19, 2011

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