A tool used for cleaning bungholes.
Oh my! What a big tung you have.
by genesis March 31, 2003
Top Definition
a really cool azn guy!
look at that guy, his soo tung
by Kelso December 02, 2003
a sorta not that cool asian guy
that has many issues with crack
why are u such a tung stop talkin about CRACK.
by alkjfs November 11, 2007
an annoying entity in e-mails.
in e-mails -

Sweety: Tung
Desi: ????

Sweety: Tung
by ASDREY August 05, 2009
a. a worker at the csn library. math genuis. figured out the 19th dimension. learned how to strike out albert pujols through mathematics. proved the that theory of black hole is incorrect by with a few inches.

b. a person who gets hurt playing paintball.
the boy tung'ed his math teacher when he proved him wrong.

that kid is a tung, he's shelving books.

he has who holes in him, because he was tunged in baseball.
by TUNGMATH April 15, 2010
Short for "Tung Chee Wah", the chief executive officer of Hong Kong for 7 years sinces July 1 1997. Well known for his incompetence in his goverance. Responsible for the 500,000 people protest on July 1, 2003. Political pressure from the Chinese Central Government and the overwhelming voice from the public forced him to resignate from the position in Fall 2005.
tung doesn't know how to lead Hong Kong
by Clairvoyant June 07, 2005
1) A replacement for the word "gay" or "homosexual". Typically used in a degrading manner.

2) A male who is feminine in nature. Also used in a degrading manner. Replacement for "pussy" or "bitch".
1) "Stop touching me, you're being tung."

2) "Go ask that girl out and stop being such a tung."
by Anti-Kage March 17, 2005
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