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(noun): One or more teenage girls.
Lotsa tuna at da beach last night.
by Vermont Ferret February 16, 2005
The smell of rotting fish that can often be found between Susannah mary Treese's legs-often associated with tuna cakes and tuna salad
1--"Eww...That Susannah sure smell like tuna"

2--"Hey-ya tuna cakes, how about we order a desert pizza"

3--"Ericia asked Evan Reid once if he was hungry for lunch, and he said "DAMN, I think I'll just have some Susannah Treese with a side of tarter sauce""
3-- "Tuna Chicken of the sea"
Susannah Chicken of the Sea"
by Eric Pierson November 19, 2005
not just a bitch...but a MAJOR bitch...so skanky & slutty shes like a piece of stink tuna fish...
fuck..Tasha is such tuna ;-)
by FREEK January 06, 2005
a word for a fine ass bitch orginated at the dub c skate park
Damn nigga there is hella tuna at College Park
by Nick Narisaki March 12, 2008
Another more derrogatory word for a lesbian. Apparently it was drawn from the way cut open tuna looks at a grocery store. (like a vagina)
wow, that chick's a fuckin tuna
by Azure March 06, 2005
someone who sucks at craddeling a lacross stick.
man tuna sucks at craddeling that lacross stick

tuna would be good at lacross if he could craddel that lacross stick
by janasack3698 April 22, 2003
When a person is hella high and actin' really stuip or sayin' sumthing that's really stupid.
Last night David was on Tuna hella bad.
by Krystina April 14, 2004
1. someone who does/says something stupid
2. can be used instead of "tool", "nerd", "dork", etc.
steve was such a tuna last night! he lost his footing on the stairs and fell flat on his a**.
by sabrina April 01, 2004