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MK3 and MK3.5 Volkswagen Cabriolet. Named as such for the tortion bar that resembles the handle of a basket when the roof is down and the fact that it's a girls' convertible.
Dave's tuna basket looks great on those new wheels. Too bad he's such a vagina.
by TylerInHiFi July 20, 2009
Men who constantly gets used and abused by women. They are desperate and socially inadequate to get women, so they will settle for anything they can get. Women can smell these tools a mile away and wrap them around their little fingers. Their nuts are often found in coach purses that they, themselves, paid for.
I can't believe that tuna basket is running around with that gold digger bitch. That rotten crotch hoebag is gonna PWN him!
by ShOoRtBuSs October 06, 2008