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Tumi's are generally fun loving people who love to smile and have a good laugh,These beautiful beings tend to be a tad smarter than most people and tend to have an edge of sarcasm to their voices.Tumi's enjoy making new friends and being put into diffrent social experiences and are generally loving people except when someone pushes a button then they can come down on you like a ton of bricks to beware of their smiles and claws
Tumi loves to smile
Girls like Tumi tend to be drop dead gorgeous
by Tumz August 20, 2011
16 1
Peruvian Artifact commonly made of Solid Gold.
Gold Tumi from Peru.
by BJJKid October 14, 2007
13 2
1. a compani that makes bags
2. an icelandic name
1. that new tumi bag is awesome
2. hey Tumi, whats up?
by Tumi May 03, 2005
16 11