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The effect Tumblr has on its "bloggers". Slowly they become more and more hipster, eventually reblogging meaningless photos of images of Harry Potter defeating a sparkling Edward Cullen or cats sleeping peacefully.

This disease is nearly almost fatal, turning even the most normal adolescent into a Twilight-hating, hipster-esque, online-shopping, self-important asshole.
The only hope is an intervention before it's too late.
Jane: What happened to Beth? She used to hang out with us all the time.
Terry: Well, she got a Tumblr...
Jane: You don't mean-
Terry: Yes. Tumblritis.
Jane: Shit. Now she's going start wearing those stupid hats they don't stay on your head right and those fake glasses.
Terry: She already tried to convince me that Stephenie Meyer is a she-devil trying to steal J.K. Rowling's fire, who is apparently some type of Messiah.
Jane: Fucking Tumblritis. It ruins people.
Terry: It sure does.
by messie.egghead December 14, 2010
Inflammation of self to Tumblr. Can't-get-enough-of-tumblr disease.
Dude, I didn't get to class because of Tumblritis.
by kissables March 13, 2010
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