(adjective); a word to describe a picture.

synonym: hipster
Mary: Did you see that picture that Victoria posted on instagram? It is so tumblr.
Gabriella: Yaass I saw it. I wish i could take a picture and have it come out as tumblr
#tumblr #slang #hipster #instagram #twitter
by fmspanda May 17, 2014
a place where peasants steal shoelaces from the president
peasant: i like your shoelaces
me: thanks, i stole them from the president.
peasant: w0w, what's your tumblr
#tumblr #peasants #life #president #shoelaces
by eyesolating June 26, 2013
A website which serves basically as a haven for the mentally ill, gender confused, and sexual deviants where they can post any deviant fantasy or delusion that they want without being "judged for it"; yet at the same you will be judged if you dare to point out that any such behavior is dysfunctional. Currently has a list of over 70 nonscientific "gender identities" its members can choose from.

It's essentially Marquis de Sade's 120 Days in Sodom taken to cyberspace.

If you're single, unemployed, housebound, and get off to erotic fanfiction involving a threesome between Pikachu, Barney the Dinosaur and the Hamburglar, or believe you have the sexual identity of a female Greek goddess trapped in a mortal man's body, it's probably you're only social outlet aside from your court-appointed psychiatric visits. If you're anyone else, it basically just serves as entertainment akin to PT Barnum's circus

Possibly the only thing that surpasses it in perversity and sheer horror are the pedophile advocacy sites like NAMBLA.com.
Tumblr user: I'm a transgendered Jewish martian video game character trapped in a man's body. Don't judge me you racist, transphobic, misogynist, sexist scum!
by Anon989989 May 07, 2016
The end of your social life. It is probably one of the main reasons your are single.
"She's so pretty, why is she still single?"


by myfailedlife April 21, 2016
A website where 14-27 year old lesbians who are to ugly or annoying to get laid go to complain about issues that are not real.
Some bitch on Tumblr was crying about how i misgendered them again.
#pissbaby #tumblr girl #no life #sad #pathetic
by pissbabiesshallend June 23, 2015
Whether you're interested in destroying your social life, or you just want to look at the weirdest porn collection on the internet. Tumblr is the new kiddie's version of 4chan. Have fun basking in your glory of "freedom fighting" while indulging in the world's most fattest foods.
"Where opinions never matter and QUICK REBLOG THE MISSING CAT"

"OMG! Tumblr is like, so, amazing! Gosh~"
#4chan #porn #internet #social life #basking
by Amber Bandit May 04, 2015
your exile from the rest of the world

your biggest but probably best mistake
Everyone else went to midtown. I went on tumblr.
#blog #reblog #social #cast-out #away
by get_away_ March 17, 2013
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