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An online blog site where fatty's, hamplanets and mini moons gather to make themselves feel better. Usually associated with fat acceptance, thin privilege and cake retention instead of water retention. Also related are the terms, healthy at any weight but not to exclude, a scale is just a number.
Chestbrah: Did you see the new fat acceptance blog on Tumblr.
Zyzz: Nah brah, don't have time for that.
Chestbrah: Understand, let's hit the gym and check our privilege.

Zyzz, Chestbrah:LOL....HAHAHAHAHAHA
Zyzz: Let's get a double scoop of D-Bol
by Grapeap November 07, 2012
A microblogging website founded by David Karp. While, for the most part, it is true that you can post (in text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, or video form) whatever you want without fear of retaliation, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, if your opinion differs from somebody else's, you receive anonymous hate mail (using Tumblr's messaging feature with an option to make yourself anonymous, called "anon" by the users) that is unrelenting. Tumblr really is a great place to go onto, but only as long as you don't say "no" to someone else's interests or opinions. Your blog is your own and should not have to be subject to the radical fanaticism of other users.
User (posting an opinion about the "Fabranger" ship, one of many interests Tumblr users have: "Fabranger? Quinn Fabray and Hermione Granger? No. Just no. They're not even in the same series. I completely support LGBT, but... no. Hermione is as straight as a Ticonderoga pencil."

Other users with differing opinions: "Stupid. Bitch. Pussy. You're a disgrace to LGBT supporters. You're so smallminded."
by SMVP August 27, 2011
A magical secret world filled with mermaids, unicorns, weed, cats, triangles, sunsets, cigarettes, and the Olsen twins.
You shouldn't know about tumblr, but since you do, here's a picture of a mermaid for you to post.
by rufus6564 May 21, 2011
A website where you waste all of your time but end up feeling good about it.
I was on tumblr all day. Another day well spent.
by ocd22 July 05, 2012
A site that is supposed to be a place where people can express individuality but has been reduced to a place of conformity. Most people have blogs that consist of the following:

Rants about relationships

If you don't have any of the following, chances are you will not get many followers especially if your blog is edgy or controversial. Society doesn't like controversy.
Bob: Yo check out this girls tumblr it's about-

Bill: Shoes and how she hates jerks?

Bob: Yea, how'd ya know?

Bob: Just saw 10 other blogs about the same thing.
by Cultofmypersonality December 13, 2011
It used to be a cool, non-judgemental site where you could be who you wanted to be, do what you want to do, and express whatever the fuck you want to express. And stuff.

Only now, there are wild vicious anon haters appearing at every damn corner of every blog, I'm telling you. Tumblr isn't safe, not any more. Nowhere is safe.
*Blogger expresses his/her feelings about something on his/her Tumblr*
*Anons swarm blogger's ask box, intent on delivering hate messages*
by Dk Man, Google It November 13, 2011
Tumblr is a blog, where the most mainstream of people pretend to be indie /alternative. They are somehow under the impression that by posting pictures of scantily clad models in cut off shorts and ray-bans smoking pot, and by blogging about the joy of summer makes them indie. It doesn't. It makes them as mainstream of the the rest of us.

They often will post the link to their tumblr , in the box below their photo on facebook, or link it anonymously over formspring, so more people can blog their amazing photos . It's a vicious cycle.
-Over facebook-

Claud: Omg bebe, I <3 ur tumblr!!!!!1 it's sahhh indie
Emma: omgg thxx, whats ur called ??/
Claud: mines theessenceofsummer.

Emma: omg sahh orgiinal beb
Claud: *re-blogs photos*
by saindiebeb December 29, 2010
it is the easiest way to blog. A blog site where you can post stolen pictures and claim it as your own. Most of them get annoyed with hipsters and deny the fact that their hipsters which makes them hipsters. They post indie and underground stuff such as headless black and white picture of a runway dress, gifs and pictures of themselves taken from a webcam, models, indie and underground bands such as pink floyd, joy division, etc, andy warhol, kurt cobain, cats, sex, weed, depressive quotes, pixelated texts, screencaps with deep subtitles, lesbians, gays, tumblr memes and faces such as the Y U NO guy, Ragetoon, LOL, and etc., and many more;

Although, there are als- WE'LL BE BACK SHORTLY
hey, I blogged that ages ago, why did you steal it again to make notes out of it and be tumblr famous?

Hi, I'm anon, Bitch I will end you!

I don't care if I have no friends as long as I have tumlblr and cats.
by IOUSUMTHING January 24, 2011