An online blog site where fatty's, hamplanets and mini moons gather to make themselves feel better. Usually associated with fat acceptance, thin privilege and cake retention instead of water retention. Also related are the terms, healthy at any weight but not to exclude, a scale is just a number.
Chestbrah: Did you see the new fat acceptance blog on Tumblr.
Zyzz: Nah brah, don't have time for that.
Chestbrah: Understand, let's hit the gym and check our privilege.

Zyzz, Chestbrah:LOL....HAHAHAHAHAHA
Zyzz: Let's get a double scoop of D-Bol
by Grapeap November 07, 2012
A popular, fast-acting, back-door virus that can be planted on one's computer in under 3.5 seconds. Commonly found on all Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any Windows system.
Person 1: Hey man, have you heard about this new site called Tumblr? I've never been on it.
Person 2: Do not go on it! I tried to and a virus shut down my computer. I had to call geek squad, but they couldn't fix anything. I'm fucked!
by thisisoursongsosingalong February 24, 2011
The meaning of life.
Facebook Person: You're never online anymore! Where have you been?
Tumblr Person: A magical place full of unicorns and cartoons eating cereal.
Facebook Person: Oh... well I'm thinking about getting a Tumblr. Do you have one?
Tumblr Person: Don't join that! Its a virus! I tried to join and it crashed my computer! You probably shouldn't go on it.
by rebloggingunicorns April 30, 2011
A loving and supportive online community*

* = unless you are all or any of the following: white, male, straight, cisgender, neurotypical or belong to any "privileged" part of society, then you should kill yourself.
Tumblr was a great and fun website until the social justice warriors attacked me for having an opinion.
by heyitscarly28 June 09, 2014
A place on the internet where pretentious try-hards who think that they are smarter than everyone else just because they watch Dr. Who gather to brag about how "nerdy" they are because they play Pokemon. The people on this site also love to claim that they are bisexual or have a mental disorder so that they can get attention.
Tumblr user 1: I'm bisexual and I hate society! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 2: I play Pokemon and watch Attack on Titan and My Little Pony and Dr. Who; I’m such a nerd! Haha nerds for life! XD ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 3: Guys, I think I have OCD and aspergers! These mental disorders that I diagnosed myself with make me different and special, so DON’T JUDGE ME! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
by dynomioshin June 17, 2014
A site for people who think they care special and part of some internet cult when in realty, they are losers. Tumblr is a great place for sad white girls to post black and white photos/gifs of them crying about how hard their middle class life is or them cutting themselves. It's a place for "hipsters" to think they are unique and underground and girls begging for attention. Although tumblr may seem accepting at first, they actually hate 80% of the human population. People on tumblr think they are special and artsy, but when they get into the real world, they are pathetic losers with no friends.
Girl 1: hey did u c that pic of my cuts on tumblr
Girl 2: yeah it was soooooo artsy
Girl 1: uugh yeah i kno my life is soooo hard omg lol ^_^
by iloveallthesedicksinmybutt February 06, 2014
A microblogging website founded by David Karp. While, for the most part, it is true that you can post (in text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, or video form) whatever you want without fear of retaliation, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, if your opinion differs from somebody else's, you receive anonymous hate mail (using Tumblr's messaging feature with an option to make yourself anonymous, called "anon" by the users) that is unrelenting. Tumblr really is a great place to go onto, but only as long as you don't say "no" to someone else's interests or opinions. Your blog is your own and should not have to be subject to the radical fanaticism of other users.
User (posting an opinion about the "Fabranger" ship, one of many interests Tumblr users have: "Fabranger? Quinn Fabray and Hermione Granger? No. Just no. They're not even in the same series. I completely support LGBT, but... no. Hermione is as straight as a Ticonderoga pencil."

Other users with differing opinions: "Stupid. Bitch. Pussy. You're a disgrace to LGBT supporters. You're so smallminded."
by SMVP August 27, 2011
Tumblr is a place for 'cool', 'different' people to come and be 'cool' and 'different'. They like to moan about how they have issues with their love lives, even if they're only 14 and haven't ever been in love. On Tumblr you have to be either tragic, emo, scene kid or vintage. Essentially they're all pretentious losers who take pictures of their feet on beaches, love hearts, themselves reading or writing, or pictures of Starbucks. Refer to the: 'Dickhead song' On Youtube for a better grasp of a Tumblr person's real life. They pretend they have problems and post pictures of them cutting themselves, then they claim they're not just doing it for attention. While a normal person may be like: 'Oh I like this, but I'll keep that to myself because not everyone has to know this rather unusual fact about me', Tumblr whores are like: 'I LIKE THIS AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS. IT IS WHAT CREATES ME!' They write shitty poems, love songs and post crappy drawings. All they do on Tumblr is whine, tell people not to talk about Tumblr (possessive bitches), post their running jokes, blog pictures of hot guys from emo bands, talk about screamo (you're not allowed to like other types of music and you MUST rave on about how much you like Screamo and how you've been judged about it your whole life), reblog every single pretentious or cute thing that comes their way. Individual and feel the need to shove it down your throat. Tumblr...for pretentious losers.
Normal Person (to themselves): Oh I like this band, I don't really mind if other people don't or do like them.


Normal Person: This is one of my interests
by Freekypoogle January 20, 2011
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