Hipster society of hatred and self- admiration. Totally ironic. They hate facebook even though every single one of them has one. Like to post pictures of cats, themselves, and obscure bands. Youre not supposed to speak of tumblr, but its a public diary. Its as ironic as the fake handlebar mustaches they sport.
Tumblr is a hipsters bitch.
by Juicalicious January 21, 2011
A website where you waste all of your time but end up feeling good about it.
I was on tumblr all day. Another day well spent.
by ocd22 July 05, 2012
"Hipster/indie apocalypse"

BUT one of the most amazing blogging websites ever created. As well as, they have amazing photography.
one: "My tumblr NEVER WORKS WHEN I WANT IT TO!!! Dammit, this is the shit that stresses me"

two: "Yahoo had an article about how it's the biggest hipster and indie magnet ever. HIPSTER APOCALYPSE"
by wildin'kidds January 01, 2011
A place you should never go ever. The only people that go on Tumblr are retards who overuse the shit out of memes that were once good. Just when you thought they couldn't get any more annoying, they are also hardcore grammar nazis. It is truly the worst website on the internet. It does not help to know that they also attempt to raid Omegle ever so often and ultimately fail at it because that's how much they suck. They also enjoy taking credit for memes that they didn't even make.
Not a retard tumblr user: You know that those memes are all overused beyond belief because of you, right?

Not a retard tumblr user: What a dumb hipster bitch.
by Zinchy1337 August 30, 2011
A magical secret world filled with mermaids, unicorns, weed, cats, triangles, sunsets, cigarettes, and the Olsen twins.
You shouldn't know about tumblr, but since you do, here's a picture of a mermaid for you to post.
by rufus6564 May 21, 2011
A website for people who can't understand that not everyone is a special snowflake.
Tween white girl: "Oh man, I don't get enough attention at school. I should start a Tumblr, NOBODY ever does that!"
by kingofsquid July 07, 2014
A stupid place where teenage girls go to post pictures with random with text that is totally unrelated to the photo they posted. Most of the pictures and text are related to love, but not the happy kind, like sad "emo" quotes and pictures of girls crying in random places and couples making out.
=A normal picture on tumblr=

+Picture of some mountain. *Text -> I can still feel you with me even when you're so far away.* +
by trolololononame June 03, 2011
a site that gives your computer viruses. don't join it.
I joined tumblr and now my computer crashed!
by squactopus April 03, 2011

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