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Hipster society of hatred and self- admiration. Totally ironic. They hate facebook even though every single one of them has one. Like to post pictures of cats, themselves, and obscure bands. Youre not supposed to speak of tumblr, but its a public diary. Its as ironic as the fake handlebar mustaches they sport.
Tumblr is a hipsters bitch.
by Juicalicious January 21, 2011
234 154
A website, a place, and a language.
"I was up all night on Tumblr reblogging pictures of tea."

"Oh my God! Bob! I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"

Bob: "Tumblr."
A language that is sometimes used in the real world. Which results in confusion, because it's like sarcasm, but doesn't make any sense. Or it's just a scramble of random letters.

"What the actual fuck?"
"Wat is this I don't even"
by aeb October 05, 2012
14 6
An alternate universe where teenage girls reblog pictures of attractive girls or cute couples and use the terms "forever alone" or "UNF" a lot. They then get so obsessed with how many followers that they have, and this leads to them sitting on their computer for hours on end and never hanging out with their friends.

Oh and watch out, Tumblr goes from puppies to porn in a matter of seconds. (or if you prefer kitties to titties, it's the same idea)
John: Hey Matt, where's Jenny? I haven't seen her in months!

Matt: She got a Tumblr.
by suhhspence.tumblr May 22, 2012
20 12
A region of the internet where self-loathing, sexually frustrated beings gravitate in order to vent themselves through pictures and porn in order to receive pity disguised as a "reblog" button. Most inhabitants displaying sexual frustration are Filipino and Vietnamese, probably due to ancestral tracts.
"Bro, I'm on Tumblr forever." " Dude, how much porn?!"

He was nonchalantly on Tumblr, however that in itself is a logical fallacy due to the attention nazism of the site itself.
by TumblrUser. August 18, 2011
25 17
Mostly known by the general public because of "hipsters" and it's also where "planking" began.

Tumblr is the most amazing website, designed to bring lovely people together. Those who had tumblr before it was cool will know that it is "the easiest way to blog" and the most incredible website ever known to man, woman, animal, etc.

So basically, on tumblr, you follow people and I guess you want people to follow you. Then on your dashboard you see everything that everyone you follow posts. You can then "heart" or "reblog" a post that you think is rad. Reblogging will put the post onto your blog. And giving it a "heart" makes it go into a little section called "liked posts" which is pretty much a collection of the greatest things you've ever discovered on this site. However, nobody but you can see this collection.

Tumblr will either:
A. Ruin your social life, school work, friends, family relations, sexual relationships and even relationships with pets. (Take over your life)
B. Make you feel horrible about your body because your bones don't stick out enough.
C. Annoy the heck out of you because you can't figure out to use it.
D. Be the best thing that ever happened to you.

OR all or a combination of the options.
"I really love tumblr but I can't stop going on it. I'd rather look at pictures of cats then play with my real life cat, so my cat gets angry at me. "
by frazbox00 August 18, 2011
21 13
A virus that will infect and crash your computer
wow i just got a tumblr yesterday and it crashed my computer
by belieberrrrrr August 07, 2011
27 19
A place for a bunch of little 15 year olds who try so desperately hard to be cool and "hipster" (and even openly claim they are). Pretentious people, especially the "Tumblr Famous" who are usually rude when asked questions and are probably just a 16 year old girl who knows absolutely nothing about life and still complains how much their pathetic life sucks on Tumblr. No one cares, and thats why you use Tumblr. For those who try so hard to be indie, listens to crap music, and a minor who has no real life but Tumblr.
How people are on Tumblr:
Post "Yeah my life sucks I have an eating disorder I hate everyone at my school"
Replies: "omg you're amazing i love you don't listen to anyone else!"
Post "I really want to work in the fashion world when i grow up because like im still 16 lawlz"
Replies "omg with your blog you'll totally make it!"
by Haterzgonnahatezz May 30, 2011
57 49
Tumblr is a blogging site that is divided into two main factions. The hipster side and the fandom side.

The hipster side is riddled with your average hipster, blogging with pictures of nebulas with song lyrics, or posting pictures of "hipster" fasion.

The fandom side is however, the side you want to be on. It is filled with fangirls and fanboys, and people who never sleep. They'll be nice to you, and help you with depression if you ask for it. There are many roleplaying blogs and ask blogs here that have great admins.
Note: If you ever send hate to anybody on Tumblr they will viciously attack making you regret it. Everyone will try and find out who you are if you're on anon, and if they do find out who you are you will probably be bombarded by hate.
by Sun Bear December 17, 2012
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