Hipster society of hatred and self- admiration. Totally ironic. They hate facebook even though every single one of them has one. Like to post pictures of cats, themselves, and obscure bands. Youre not supposed to speak of tumblr, but its a public diary. Its as ironic as the fake handlebar mustaches they sport.
Tumblr is a hipsters bitch.
by Juicalicious January 21, 2011
A site where you can re-post pictures from all over the internet and claim that it's yours.
I steal shit from Reddit, 4chan, and other sites and post them on Tumblr and become "tumblr famous"
by ruupert July 12, 2011
The Area 51 of the internet
Dude, what's a tumblr?

Shh, man we're not allowed to talk about it or the men in black will come after us!
by mhass92 August 08, 2011
A microblogging website founded by David Karp. While, for the most part, it is true that you can post (in text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, or video form) whatever you want without fear of retaliation, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, if your opinion differs from somebody else's, you receive anonymous hate mail (using Tumblr's messaging feature with an option to make yourself anonymous, called "anon" by the users) that is unrelenting. Tumblr really is a great place to go onto, but only as long as you don't say "no" to someone else's interests or opinions. Your blog is your own and should not have to be subject to the radical fanaticism of other users.
User (posting an opinion about the "Fabranger" ship, one of many interests Tumblr users have: "Fabranger? Quinn Fabray and Hermione Granger? No. Just no. They're not even in the same series. I completely support LGBT, but... no. Hermione is as straight as a Ticonderoga pencil."

Other users with differing opinions: "Stupid. Bitch. Pussy. You're a disgrace to LGBT supporters. You're so smallminded."
by SMVP August 27, 2011
The most recently declared Country.

Government type: IDGAF
Rule of Law: CATS
Presidential Party: The memes
Immigration policy: Enter at your own risk. Facebookers are frowned upon, and could affect your chance of citizenship.
Billy: Stacey where are you from again?
Stacey: tumblr
Billy: Where's that?
Stacey: On my laptop...butihavetogowatermycatsobye
by Madrina yak bycol March 23, 2012
The deep dark hole in which you will lose your social life. Please leave, run, RUN AND NEVER COME BACK!
Tumblr user: omg these feels, shipSHISHIPPING, OTP OTP, asdfghjkl;.

Normal human being: The f*ck is this.
by om_nom? November 05, 2012
A blogging website for the pseudo-intellectuals who love to be marginalised and victimised by society, that think reblogging nonsensical propaganda from the comfort of behind their computer screen will revolutionise the world we live in.

It is also used by people to post naked photos and videos of themselves on.
99% of Tumblr are self-proclaimed non-white fat gay disabled vegan transsexual atheist feminists, who blame their insecurities on anyone but themselves. The rest are horny girls.
by JizzySpunkbubbles July 08, 2014
Tumblr is a blog, where the most mainstream of people pretend to be indie /alternative. They are somehow under the impression that by posting pictures of scantily clad models in cut off shorts and ray-bans smoking pot, and by blogging about the joy of summer makes them indie. It doesn't. It makes them as mainstream of the the rest of us.

They often will post the link to their tumblr , in the box below their photo on facebook, or link it anonymously over formspring, so more people can blog their amazing photos . It's a vicious cycle.
-Over facebook-

Claud: Omg bebe, I <3 ur tumblr!!!!!1 it's sahhh indie
Emma: omgg thxx, whats ur called ??/
Claud: mines theessenceofsummer.

Emma: omg sahh orgiinal beb
Claud: *re-blogs photos*
by saindiebeb December 29, 2010

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