Tuggeranong, or more specifically Tuggeranong Hyperdome, located in Canberra, Australia. It is often considered among students of Marist College Canberra as "second-rate" compared to superior shopping centres such as Woden (Wodo) and Belconnen (Belco). However, Tuggers boasts a more superior and less seedy bus interchange than Wodo.
Marist Punk A) "Let's go to Wodo after school foo'"

Marist Punk B) "I'd rather go to Tuggers, as I am less likely to be violated at its bus interchange."
by BladeWinner November 25, 2006
Top Definition
The name of Russell Crowe's best friend, who is actually a tugboat that was shown on that episode of South Park.
Russell Crowe: You gotta save him doc. Tugger! He's me best friend! The only friend in the world who would...

Doctor: He's going to live but...

Russell Crowe: Oi! Don't you interrupt me, you v-gina! I was giving a heart-wrenching soliloquy about me feelings for Tugger!

Doctor: Sorry.
by Michael2 December 30, 2005
A woman who, while fooling around doesnt know how to handle a penis properly, and will yank and tug on the penis instead of stroking it nicely.
Guy #1: So did you get anywhere last night with Sara?
Guy #2: Just fooled around. But she's a tugger. She nearly tore have my pubes out. It really hurt.
by M2million December 08, 2006
One who masterbates (males specifically) chronically. Can be used as an insult or a term of endearment, but mostly used to describe a person of questionable morals.
"That Fred Jones is a bit of a Tugger, he rips off everyone"
"you're such a Tugger, that's why I married you hehe"
by Andy Pipkin December 16, 2004
Abercrombie & Fitch sold swim shorts. Unlike boardshorts, tugger have thick laces... which don't need to be laced in four holes.
Those tuggers look like basketball shorts.
by Fitchie May 30, 2006
a hand-job
I heard Mary gave Owen a Tugger under the bleachers during the pep rally.
by Klynard November 04, 2011
When a female doesn't know how to work a penis and instead of a sensual downward motion she attempts to rip his cock off by tugging excessively.

When your dick gets treated like a fucking Bop-It.
Guy 1: "Hey what did you and Ciera do last night?"

Guy 2: "Well...she came over but it wasn't that awesome!"

Guy 1: "Why is that, bro?"

Guy 2: "She was a tugger"

Guy 1: "Ohhhhhhhh"
by JohnSmith7$ November 18, 2013
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