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The act of seating yourself in front of a desk piled with physics material, and receiving pleasure from a student beneath. Oral sex often involves uniform circular motion and Newtonian mechanics. There is often a trap door beneath that allows quick entry and exit.
Why is there banging beneath that desk!? Oh, someone must be pulling a TuckerFucker... now, back to my pendulum measurements!
by Ron Burgundy II July 19, 2006

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any female who has had sexual intercoarse in there life with a guy named tucker
look at jenny over there, that girl is such a tucker fucker
by naylorrrrrrr April 14, 2009
One who is too tired during intercourse to contribute energy to the activity.
Bitch was so close to passing out, I had to tucker fucker!
by Cockmagpie March 08, 2012
Tucker Fucker is what useless fat people use to refer to tomotao sauce or ketchup
Put some tucker fucker on ya hot dog
by Anti-Sam November 16, 2004