A guitar that is completely out of tune - tune-fucked.
"Hey man, mind if I jam on you guitar"
"Sure. You might need to tune it though, its completely tucked."
by gillz343224 May 25, 2009
Top Definition
When your car is so low, that the wheels sit under the body of the vehicle (wheel arches)
Dude that Suburu is tucked.

Yeahh dawg! he's cut his springs for showa.
by Macteachualot! September 03, 2010
The lads "tuck" their johnson in when dressing in drag. Ru Paul tucks, no?
He tucked his member back, between his legs, when he put on his tight panties and tight slacks when going out clubing.
by Lazlo2 June 29, 2011
wasted, usually on more than one type of intoxicater
yo man i had 3 beers and two joints last night, I was tucked
by mad cute May 21, 2005
Being so excited about something you get an erection. In efforts to hide it you Tuck it in your waist band.
In replace of the word Stoked insert Tucked.

Dude!!! I'm so Tucked to go to Tahoe this weekend and shred!

BOGO Taco night tonight!!! I'm tucked, for sure!!
by Waivers Board Co February 07, 2013
hidden; being away from everyone else; concealed; away from the public eye
Paris Hilton: "Girl, where you been?"
Britney Spears: "I been tucked, just doin' my thang"
by wzylvr09 June 30, 2009
a) being very tired (often as a result of working too hard, studying, etc.)
b) being or feeling sick, usually referring to a headache.

"Man I was so tucked last night from studying for that quiz."

"That purp had me hella tucked"

by 16 grams February 18, 2009
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