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the domesticated household missing link that proves Darwin's theory correct. Many have mistaken this urban sasquatch for the average fat balding middle aged male dwelling within its pro-creators' basement. The Catholic Church has taken a special interest in the cover up and concealment of its existence in fear for losing its world-wide following. The average Tubtubs roam the concrete streets of American Suburbia and share a special skill to multitask such as eating and playing video games while sitting on a sofa and even breathing all at the same time.
Tubtubs is a combination of Sasquatch,Yeti,jerking,gamer,lard
by tony686404 November 11, 2010
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one who is fat and useless or in the process of being fat and useless, similar to fatty mcfatfat
hey tub tub go get me a sandwich.
don't eat that tub tub thats mine
by nonesense April 25, 2007
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thats it, it's me Tub Tub
by ACRT-303 July 25, 2016
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A simple and cute way to say: stomach
by MartinRichard April 06, 2011
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a code word for a realy fat person. The person is soooo fat and stinks sooo much.
"Tub Tub is soo fat she sank the titanic".
"Tub Tub is soo fat when she turned around there was a hurrican".
"When Tub Tub farted i blow back 20 feet".
by suess! December 31, 2010
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one what is a fat bastard
my names tommywee, i eat too much cream cakes and im a tub-tub
by pimps bitch October 29, 2007
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