A fugly, obnoxious looking, grody, and just generally gross chick/dude that ends up in your facebook pictures and makes you look like a loser.
That girl doesn't know how to have a good time, look at all the tubthumpers in her facebook pictures!
by Sacajawea February 11, 2007
Top Definition
Someone that annoyingly argues an irrelevant point in forums.
Quit being a Tub-Thumper and stay on topic!
by Scotty J. August 24, 2006
The act of defecating in a bath tub.
The toilet was broken so Cory took a Tub Thumper.
by JBubbs July 01, 2010
A fart released whilst one is seated in a bathtub or other receptacle filled with water or other liquid.
As Joan farted during her herbal bath and saw the string of bubbles wobble furiously to the surface, she thought to herself, "My goodness! That was a real tubthumper!"
by DrOctor November 20, 2009
A turd so extraordinarily long that, when dropped, it thumps on the back of the toilet.
I just dropped a tubthumper that slapped me in the balls when I squeezed it off!
by Jevon March 04, 2005
A tub thumper is fat person usually female who eats icecream so fast the spoon hits the bottom of the tub with a thump.
Dude, that chick`s a total tubthumper!
by Mank23 August 16, 2009
One who 'thumps tubs' ,in other words is particularly minging. Of the type that one would use if walls needed sanding. Swamp Donkey, Bog-Trotter,Munter,Minger,Mould Grower.
Oh, i thought he dumped her because he realised she was a Tub Thumper
by J January 25, 2003

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