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The act of one male rubbing another male in any way that satisfies him. The tub-rub, as you might have guessed, must be conducted in or around a tub. It is not exclusive to porcelain bathtubs but can also be conducted in large tupperwares, garbage bins, coolers, etc.

Note that the tub-rub is commonly used as a form of payment.
Will: "Wassuuuuupp."

Troy: "I deleted pretty much all your taboo porn."

Will: "What the hell!? That's mad retarded of you to do."

Troy: "I'm sorry man. Listen... I'll give you three tub-rubs to make it up to you."

Will: "Shiiiit... make it four."

Troy: "Done."
by BennettMyhran April 19, 2009
Noun or Verb:

Of or relating to a $20 hand job handie.

A hand job paid for with a new Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bill.
Steve: This lot-lizzard just gave me a hand job for twenty dollars.
Gary: Oh, you mean you got a Tub-rub.
by Brian Daggett May 31, 2016
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