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The act of violently fucking a man in a bathtub.
Paul and I tubthumped for 2 hours straight. We bent the tub and my ass will never be the same again.
by Colpy November 16, 2013
6 1
To beat ferociousally, as in a sporting event, as though you beat them in a tub so as not to get blood all over.
The Miami Heat got tub thumped by the Lakers last night.
by cobraglf January 16, 2007
7 2
To blast one's bass, or subwoofer, in their car.
"That car is really tubthumping. I can hear it from here!"
by skwerlybird October 18, 2006
3 20
Tubthump(V): to have sexual intercourse in one's bathtub

Alternates: Tubthumping: Amusing song that has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the word
"Haha I tubthumped your sister/mother/cousin/girlfriend/dog!"
by Marko November 10, 2004
4 24