A sex act that involves a female taking a bath/shower and giving a male a hand job while he stands outside the shower. Upon orgasm, the man shoots a load over the female's face/breasts/stomach etc. This technique allows easy clean up for the female and makes her more likely to partake in a cum shot.
Mary hates having my hot load all over her, but I love it. When she was showering she agreed to a tub shot so she could quickly wash my semen off of her body afterwards.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
Top Definition
A mixed shot, inspired by the original Tub Girl photo, brewed from the basement of a random college party and up-chunked by many. Tub Shot is as follows:
*1-2 shots of the cheapest vodka you can find, or everclear. (because she's classy)
*1 shot of Monster Khaos energy drink. (for the orange tint and because it's extreme)
*1-2 pinch of powdered cinnamon. (for that extra tub treat)
*drop 1 Alka Seltzer and let that tub fizz rise.

Tub Shot may be taken from a mason jar and poured into your mouth from the Tub Girl position.
"I just tubbed."

"My tub shot came back up..I think I just tubbed."

"Tub Shot is the worst shot I've ever tasted."
by get tubbed October 26, 2008
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