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A (or THE) Tub Guy is a twisted creature of the late night and early evening on weekends. Few recorded sightings of the Tub Guy have been documented, however he(or they) have been seen in multiple cities and continents across the globe such as Toronto, Kingston, and Mont-Tremblant Canada; and Hong Kong. The existence of the Tub Guy is evident as a result of wreckage and footprints left behind in bathrooms across the globe. Often times bathrooms are left in complete disarray, underwear is frequency left in odd places, tiles are broken, and large pools of water are found.

Experts believe that Tub Guys are a result of college indulgence and excessive drinking that leads normal people to "Turn Tub Guy". They often have no memories of the events. The syndrome is similar to turning into a wolf man, except way more dangerous. Usually, the subject is found in an almost deceased state in the bath tub at 4am, having left the shower on four upwards of 4 hours. This is usually accompanied by a large increase in the water bill.

As mentioned little evidence other than the aftermath of the freaks has been recorded, however; there is some video evidence and eyewitness testimony from a particular incident involving the Kingston Tubguy (thought to have been the original Tub Guy).
Ian (broadcast text message-4:00am): "Tubguy"
Steve (10:00am): "Oh shit, tell me tub guy made an appearance"
Nick (10:01am): "yeah, the lock was ripped off... Black spandex hanging from the ceiling and puke everywhere"
by Landlord Jan January 02, 2011
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