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The term "Tu abuela" is a very commonly used Puerto Rican term that depicts a large number of uses, the most common of which is a comeback.

While it's most common usage is in a comeback, it can also be the answer to a question, establish you dont want to continue the conversation, break the ice, initiate a romantic sequence, be an adjective, an answer to a knock knock joke, or just literally refer to a person's grandma; tu abuela in this sense is a little like Por las nalgas.
Chris: You suck man, you betrayed us
Javier: Tu abuela!!

Chris: Fine, be that way, but anyhow, you wanna go to the movies later?
Javier: Tu abuela bro, i really just dont know, have you asked Neo?
Chris: I did, but im getting the vibe he is feeling a little under the abuela today.
by Dr_Juice March 17, 2013
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