A sexual act where one partner places their nose in the other's anus
"Have you been truffling? There's brown on your nose"
by Phil Rae March 27, 2008
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The art of rummaging around in a ones nostril for a tasty treat. A complete lack of shame and decorum means that this can be done at any time and in any place regardless of who might be watching.
Oh look. Gary's Truffling again.

Every day I'm Truf-f-f-ling
by The Truffel Chaser June 27, 2012
Burying yourself in such a way that wild pigs foraging for truffles end up sucking you off
"I'd rather go truffling that sleep with that foul young ho"
by Mr WithersSpakeThrust May 27, 2009
The act of acting like a feral hog looking for truffles in your anus.
"Get on all fours honey and start Truffling me. Get up in there and tell me what I had for dinner 2 days ago..."
by Oinke December 17, 2013


The act of throwing various fruit from a vehicle at signs, usually a high rate of speed.
Ex.1: "Guys, we're all going truffling tonight."

Ex.2: "Holy shit Paul! You just truffled that sign!"
by bigpear December 27, 2011
Screwing a stuffy british man with a bowler hat.
"Been truffling again, Cindy?"
by General_Truffles March 10, 2003
To defecate and jerk off (masturbate) at the same time. This applies to the males of the species.
Dick went to shit and play with it - he enjoys truffling regularly!!!
by Mistymisaki March 25, 2006

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