1:A normal or average person ,that tends to watch the hit HBO original show Trueblood every day has read all the books multiple times and dreams of trueblood charectors a lot.

2:A charector on the hit HBO origanal Trueblood who has been there since season 1 and trumps all other minor or new charectors
caroline:god i need to stop reading my book before bed .i had a nasty dream about bill last night and trust me it wasnt preety
ty:your a truebie and theres nothing that can change that

2:eric nothman:russel you may be the king of louisana but when were not filming im the trubie so hand over the last cupcake!
by billy bob jop October 30, 2010
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Top Definition
One who is fanatic about the HBO series, True Blood.
Single lonely woman: Hey did you read Twilight?
Self-confident woman: No, I'm a grown woman. I'm a Truebie.
by platinumbrunette June 30, 2010
Nick name for fans of the HBO show True Blood.
Those truebies love them some True Blood.
by ellie123 June 25, 2010

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