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This is what I think makes a true belieber. someone that cries some times because their scared to not be able to ever meet Justin or get to know him personally. A true belieber is when they listen to Justin’s songs and smile and feel happy. A belieber respects Justin, his family, his crew and his girlfriend. Gets all excited and happy when they hear Justin say that he loves his fans because he means it and it make as beliebers feel special. Sometimes a true belieber doesn’t get sleep because they are waiting for Justin’s new song to come out or music video to be realised. Someone who fills their computer folder with millions of pictures, gifs and videos of Justin but to them it doesn’t matter because they will never delete it. They will always dream and imagine that day when they will meet Justin and how they wish it could turn out. They check Justin’s twitter every single day and make sure they know the top information they need to know. A true belieber is just so proud of Justin very proud of Justin, they are inspired by Justin.No matter how many mistakes he has made or will make true beliebers will still be with him, they will still have his back. A true beliebers does not like being called a fan, no. They like to be called beliebers. True beliebers respect Justin’s privacy.
She's a True Belieber
by Proud Belieber May 24, 2012

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