A sexual move used when you don't have a rubber to strap your shit. You back up before you drop your load.
Man, my girl is pregnant.
You should have done the truck driver.
Whats that?
Should have backed up before you dropped that load.
by kpasa bitch May 17, 2005
A term used for "fisting". in other words,when you fist a girls ass or pussy,you're pulling your arm in and out,going in the same motion as children driving by in a school bus do to a truck driver when they want him to honk. Credit goes out to Jesse Avila for making the word.
I'll give that bitch the truck driver.
A real ugly ass girl.
You know that bitch Herman keeps bragging about hooking up with? I finally saw her today and jesus she's a truck driver.
by trurumors October 27, 2005
Person granted the access to operate or drive a truck with a legal license.
Poor truck driver sits in a damn truck all day, this is probably his best option for staying fit.

"It's pretty decent money, I think." - /u/Press3000
by jpcaintic August 06, 2015
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