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A phrase made famous by Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell in Saturday Night Live's Digital Short, "Lazy Sunday."

Used to describe something/someone that/who is particuliarly legitimate.

*can be abbrviated TDDT*
Parnell: Well, let's hit up Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route.

Samberg: I prefer MapQuest.

Parnell: That's a good one, too.

Samberg: Google Maps is the best.

Parnell: Tru dat!

Both: Double tru!

Mary: I'm quite contrary.

Bobbert: Tru dat, double tru.

Watermelondrea - I love you.

Taeshon - *silence*

Watermelondrea - This is awkward.

Taeshon - TDDT
by OMGIt'sANarwahl! February 01, 2010
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