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One of the nine circles of Hell itself, were the only thing to do is go to McDonald's, or get abducted by the obscene amount of truck drivers that inhabit the town.
One: "Hey bro, what's there to do in Troy, IL?"
Two: "Well, we could go to McDonald's...or we could get abducted by a creepy truck driver."
One: "Oh.....nevermind."
by ihatethisgodforsakentown April 12, 2011
a town that can be pretty chill but can also be a complete hell hole. truck stops is mainly what's here, but we also have (well to eat) mcdonalds, burger king, arby's, jack n the box, subway, pizza man, that weird mexican food place, and some other places that no one cares about. the big thing that just happened here was that we got a dunkin donuts between all the truck stops right next to the stupid bridge that never seems to get finished. one thing troy is kinda known for is running the bases. there is 6th graders having sex using a sandwhich bag and silly bands, guys getting blowjobs left and right, it's kinda insane. oh and people date people who not even close to their age. there is this one girl who is in 6th grade who is now dating a sophomore but before that was dating a senoir from collinsville. there is also a lot of drinking here and smoking pot and weed. one of the most popular places to smoke is the skatepark. the skatepark is in the park and it is where a bunch of douchey skater boys hang out and try to do tricks in front of the white trash girls who go there to flirt with the guys. the homecoming parade thing is gay as hell. the ones is st. jacob and marine are better and those towns are like half the size. our sports teams are pretty good. our academics are okay, but only like 15% of the people at the highschool care about their grades.

well at least we're better than highland and cooler than collinsville.
**some guys from troy, il**

caleb: "hey man, wanna go to the skatepark?"

derek: "no, im good. im just gonna go drink a lot, then get a blowjob from this chick, then walk on the side of the road to mcdonalds."

caleb: "did you hear there's a dunkin donuts?!"

derek: "holy shit! no way?!"
by wellfuckthis January 02, 2012
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