Only The Sexiest Motherfucker In Football History ANd He's All Mine Bitches..
He Is So Troy Polamalu!!!
by Yum- Yum January 11, 2009
Top Definition
A leader in the terrorist movement in the middle east. By day is a pittsburgh steelers safety, but by night he plans rapes and car bombs. Originally from Saudia Arabia, but he uses his looks to claim latino heritage.
Tend to be overrated and overly aggressive. Completely lacks a sense of moral pride and has poor hygiene.
Person 1: "Want to go golfing today?"
Person 2: "I can't, that goddamn Troy Polamalu stole my car, burnt my crops, and raped my animals again."
Person 1: "What a tool."
by Jackson Steed November 18, 2010
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