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British slang for trouble, more typically used by girls
Oy, if we get caught knock-and-dodging we'll be in MAJOR troubs!
by Bricheese September 06, 2009
A word invented by the drummer from Hostile Alliance in 1981 which means "trouble"
If you punch a skunk in the mouth you may get into troubs
by mmmonkeybutt December 13, 2010
troubs iz da sexiest boi in endz an is ova safe an has 1 sexy body 1up babe x x
by ? September 13, 2003
Troubs dat goes Harris is The buffest boy dat has ever existed every time i see him he makes my body tingle when he touches me i get a nipple freeze. I will wet him anyday and give him shines i will do anything he wants me 2 do i don't care if bare chickz like fatto Danielle dat goes Nobury Manor Girls likes him i will fuck her up. His mine.
Troubs da buffest boy in Heath
by Nikki 4rm Norbury Girls August 01, 2003
troubs iz da sexiest da most chungest boi in da endz an iz ova safe an has 1 sexy body 1up babe x x
by u kno who? September 13, 2003

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