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British slang for trouble, more typically used by girls
Oy, if we get caught knock-and-dodging we'll be in MAJOR troubs!
by Bricheese September 06, 2009
6 1
A word invented by the drummer from Hostile Alliance in 1981 which means "trouble"
If you punch a skunk in the mouth you may get into troubs
by mmmonkeybutt December 13, 2010
0 0
troubs iz da sexiest boi in endz an is ova safe an has 1 sexy body 1up babe x x
by ? September 13, 2003
1 6
Troubs dat goes Harris is The buffest boy dat has ever existed every time i see him he makes my body tingle when he touches me i get a nipple freeze. I will wet him anyday and give him shines i will do anything he wants me 2 do i don't care if bare chickz like fatto Danielle dat goes Nobury Manor Girls likes him i will fuck her up. His mine.
Troubs da buffest boy in Heath
by Nikki 4rm Norbury Girls August 01, 2003
1 7
troubs iz da sexiest da most chungest boi in da endz an iz ova safe an has 1 sexy body 1up babe x x
by u kno who? September 13, 2003
0 8