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AKA Dean Costante of Bellarmine College Prep. Wears Hawaiian shirts, surf shades, and sandals to give him the image of a laid-back regulator, but enforces strict anti-facial hair rules and indoor hatless atmospheres nonetheless. Those who work for him as a Dean's Office Assistant are practically exempt from JUG (Justice Under God).
They call him a Tropical Cowboy, but I don't think a frontiersman's or a beachcomber has Virginia license plates!
by DoctorGrey September 29, 2004
A person (commonly a paleontologist or other scientist with odd fashion senses) who wears an unusual mixture of clothing, particularly a Hawaiin shirt with a cowboy hat and corduroy pants. Ironically they travel to many Arctic places, tropical places and other places (see the Nova special on Arctic Dinosaurs).
"I just love reading those scientific journals about dinosaur bones. Carl would be my tropical cowboy dream date."
by Gearsdale February 01, 2011
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