a woman, that resembles a man.
when "royal" is placed before the word (Royal Troon)
this woman is probably the most ugly manly being roaming the earth's surface.
Eric: "dude have you seen the girl brad slept with on saturday?"

Zaq: "yeah dude! shes such a troon. he must have had one too many!"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
Top Definition
A girl that looks like she used to be a man. Not an actual transvestite, a real girl that looks like a transvestite. They are about 6 foot tall, wear loads of make up and false eyelashes. They act mannish and drink pints.
Can't believe you pulled that troon last night
by Robi Q August 12, 2005
A woman that looks like she used to be a man, and had a sex change, but in reality is just fuck ugly.
Dave: You see that girl over there?
Jake: Yeah, she looks like a right troon.
by L4don March 07, 2015
1. A person of unparalleled annoyance.

2. A life-ruiner.
3. A person that displays little or no backbone.
4. Douche
That troon just single-handedly ruined my ENTIRE life!
by GLEE23 May 05, 2009
Troon: to be in a state of, or experiencing the mental and emotional sensation, of extreme boredom combined with a profound sense of restlessness.
1. To be feeling very troon.
2. To be in a state of troon.
3. To be trooned.
Yo, yesterday I was so absolutely trooned at work. It was brutal.

person 1: Hey, hows it going?

person 2: I am feeling super troon right now. Gah, can't even focus.
by mizzredd November 14, 2011
A town on the Firth of Clyde (Scotland) personfied by golf, neds and coffin dodgers (just for a change). Unfortunately the jewel on the crown of Ayrshire, it all gets worse the further you travel from it.
Where are you from?
by Squirrelking May 12, 2004
Great Adj. The best time you ever had.
We had the troonest day when we scored 4 drinks with 2 bucks we found at Murbah golf course. YYEEAAAHHHH!!!
by Daniel February 02, 2005
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