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the new felching: sexual act when a male/female kneels behind their male partner and licks his anus while giving him an hand job
richard gladly accepted tims offer of tromboning later, after dinner
by manny June 18, 2004
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to perform analingus on a male partner whilst masturbating his erect penis at the same time. with reference to the mouth piece and sliding arm of the popular brass instrument, the trombone
a homosexual man asks another would he like to come back to his for a 'spot of tromboning'.
by brewlio April 29, 2007
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A rather impractical sex act where a woman or man rims a man's ringpiece while simultaneously reaching round to give it some elbow on his prok sword, the action being akin to playing a trombone.
Les Dennis was shocked when he came home early and found his wife Amanda tromboning Neil Morrisey again.
by Kev December 10, 2002
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oral stimulation by tongue on a willfully-willing male's sphincter while masturbating his donger, by an ..oh, musician?
hit it down a bit hon, C-note is too high!
by hytham_hammer July 09, 2005
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Is when you licking a male's anus while jerking his dick off
The male can be on his knees, kneeling or standing. Someone's tongue licking his asshole and stroking the man's
(on his knees, kneeling or standing) penis. It looks like the person thats licking the anus and stroking the penis is playing the Trombone. Tromboning
by Barehugs January 10, 2011
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a sexual act involving the buttocks
Tim: Let's get to Tromboning, Richard!
Richard: Oooh ahhh, you've done an excellent job. My arse is clean!
by Wanderlust316 September 08, 2016
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