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When a common internet troll gets overtaken or owned by someone else, usually by another troll, sometimes even by "Cannibal Trolls".
Troll: I fucking hate Niggers and Jews! Fuck Israel!

Other person: Shut the fuck up, I'm Jewish!

Troll: You mad, Jew?

Other person: Mad? Nahh, I just laughed because of those pictures of Madonna you have posted up as your channel background.

Troll: Hey dude chill, I'm a huge Madonna fan.

Other person: She's a fake wrinkly slut who lost her hotness after 1995. You tellin' me that you're a fan of that dyke?

Troll: Fuck you! Go eat a dick you asshole!

Other person: You mad?

by jamesisdabomb December 16, 2010
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