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The act of not clipping your toe-nails for 6 weeks and jabbing it up someones ass.
That bitch gave me a Trolls Foot!
by speed racer947 June 07, 2006
When someone grows there toenails out for six months and then proceeds to shove it in your asshole
also known as monkeys paw, nine inch nails, hammer toe
"Dude Breezy gave me a Trolls Foot yesterday. I got like 32 stitches!"
by slut bucket whale July 22, 2006
when you don't clip your toenails for 8 weeks, and then cram your foot up your partner's ass.
I was in a kinky mood, so I gave her a troll's foot.
by TheBetterEd June 12, 2006
where a man or woman grows out his/her big toenail for eight weeks, then shoves it up their partners rear end during intercourse.
Phillip was horrified when his girlfriend gave him a troll's foot.
by James Wattsonfer June 10, 2006
From a term used in the Date Movie - Placing a foot with toe nails that are unclipped for many months up someones ass.
You better whatch out or I'll give you a troll's foot
by J. Biber August 17, 2006
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