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A combination of Troll and Politics

Description (usually derogatory) of in-house politics / arguments / flame wars etc. that often occur in established message boards and online forums.

As many boardsand groups are self-selecting and tend to agree on major issues trollitics is often, though not always bound up in past arguments, spats and conflicts.

Trollitics usually but not always indicates personal issues and often reflect a dislike between individuals and individual styles of communication rather than the subject being discussed.

Due to the similar effect of creating disharmony anger and rancour trollitics is named after the infamous trolls and trolling that disrupt many online boards and discussions
Sorry but I'm really not interested in getting involved in this board's trollitics

Watch out for that discussion thread there seems to be a whole lot of trollitics going on
by Presticogitator August 20, 2011
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