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Body of Origin eastside Eastside/Scandanavian

A slutty female with troll like features and “olive
loaf back acne” who trolls about the eastside or whores herself in a hobbit like nature while “trolling” in man folk. Not to be confused with an elf face whore that have enlarged ears or a pig faced whore who have an enlarged snout and swine like features. A troll faced whore will have distinct features of a supernatural creature one of a Scandanavian folklore displaying camel toe jeans, construction boots, exposed thongs and water bras. Thus the “trolling features” are included in this definition also take note a troll face whore will be i.e.” Trolling for men”- circulating moving around town unlike its ancestor the “troll” who is suppose to dwell in damp caves and mountains, masturbating silently. Which makes her a whore by her ancestry by flouting and stepping outside the “norm” of her cave for trolling while indulging in whorish activities sniffing out hobbits or unemployed men folk while embodying all the features of a "troll" herself making one a :Troll Faced Whore.
That Troll Faced Whore was hitting on my boyfried, I think her back zit poped in his face, she should go crawl back to her cave!
That Troll Faced Whore has been hooking and luring in men all night to bring back to her cave to fondle her camel toe.
Did you see Melissia that Troll Faced Whore? She must of just crawled out from her cave tonight to pick up on a deli contestant boy instead of her normal prey of hobbits, wizards and folk-lords.
by Luncheonmeat1 January 24, 2010
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