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A Trojan Mongorian Horse is a deceptive weapon inspired by the infamous Trojan Horse that the Greek's used to trick Troy during the Trojan War. The difference being that no one is inside of a Trojan Mongorian Horse, because it is filled with Sweet and Sour Pork, a substance known to be hot and sticky and the main weakness of Tuong Lu Kim (aside from being Asian, having English as a second language, and being subject to the worst possible speech impediment that could result from those two qualities), owner and manager of the City Wok in South Park, Colorado.
"Oh I get it, a Trojan Mongorian Horse. Mongorians are hiding inside, tinking that I bring it in da' shitty wall, d'en Mongorians pop out and destroy shitty wall from da' inside out without gettin' da' sweet and souwa pork on day head. Okay, I'll pray arong" - Tuong Lu Kim
by DriftEJ20 April 07, 2011
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