1. The death of Homestarrunner.com because it caused all the "cool people" to start liking Homestarrunner.com, thus ruining it.
2. What those "cool people" call anything relating to Homestarrunner.com.
1. Trogdor is funny and all, but it sucks that it killed Homestarrunner.com.
2. Hey man! Did you see the latest Trogdor e-mail? How come Trogdor wasn't in it??? Those guys that make Trogdor suck! I'm going to go drive around and break laws in my 'beemer' now!
by Phoojoeniam August 12, 2003
The Burninater of the pheasents!!
'And the trogdor comes in the NNNNIIIGGGGHHHHTTT!!!!!!!!'
by Ericthehedgehog July 20, 2003
And the Trogdor smote the Kerrak and all was left to burnination
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
To Score with a person of the opposite sex
"Man, i got some Trogdor tonight"
by The Blazing Phantom February 02, 2005
(1)One that burninates the country side and/or peasants
(2)A former man/dragon man now primarily a dragon
Trogdor just burninated my countryside
by Joseph McKinney November 20, 2003
1.) Strongbad's pet dragon, which lives in a remote corner of Strongbadia and is notoriously nocturnal.
2.) A video game associated with Strongbad's dragon.
1.) Trogdor loves to burninate any peasants he can find.
2.) My girlfriend just got to level 28 in Trogdor yesterday.
by Dan July 24, 2003
A dragon with big beefy arms
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
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